We all know that everyday we face many problems. In order to resolve these we often seek help from people of power or even people who preach events. And yet without realising it we don't turn to He who created us. He is never far from us if we seek him with a sincere heart, regardless of the faith we profess. But how can we do this? We need only to conquer our pride, take courage, and pray with faith, alone or possibly in a group with the maximum of concentration, reciting the Lord's Prayer, the Hail Mary and the Gloria; all three prayers repeated fervently at different times, speaking as if another person were listening. In the moment of contact, we will begin to yawn, possibly with tears in our eyes, starting a general relax it is then that we must ask for help in our dialogue with the Heavenly Father. Whatever we need, eg: the cure for a headache, all kinds of deseases, to get rid of depression, exhaustion or breakdown, the release from daily stress, to resolve or overcome emotional problems of love, to be free of drug addiction, for the unemployed to find work, in the family and society to cease hostility and to promote peace, in some cases the cure of an illness and more. This is not strange, in fact it is very normal, all you need is to attempt the above advice, that is the same for all human beings, saying "Heavenly Father, I pray, help me to find a job, help me to find a job, help me to overcome my illness," etc. Insist more than once during the day and days that follow. This can also be said for those men such as scholars, doctors and scientists, who through help may be inspired by our Creator making discoveries for welfare and health of mankind. Prayers regarding the winning of gambling games will not be heard. But how can we return the love that Our Heavenly Father shows us? By overcoming the selfishness and greed rooted in us, being ready to help the needy and donating at least a part of what we earn to the poor. Certainly to do this effectively is a little difficult, but don't worry, the sacrifice will come spontaneously. But how can we find the real poor? We are not always convinced by the various "Religions" and their capacity to manage... so what can we do? Just pray as before and when you have made contact say "Heavenly Father, I pray, help me find the people who are in real need so that I may give my contribution." Be sure you will find them, the Heavenly Father will provide us with the proof that he has listened. It will then be your soul that decides, because what counts is action. He is more than a friend to us and doesn't deserve to be abandoned. Tell him your troubles, your sadnesses, the injustices, the difficulties and problems of the day; Our Creator will give you his energy, penetrating the most profound depths of your soul, illuminating it. After obtaining help, you won't be so ungrateful as to forget prayer; never underestimate: the power of a group in prayer can influence and change even the most feared of world events. Whatever happens Our Heavenly Father will guide you and give you peace which will cherish in your hearts.


P.S. The last wishes of the writer were that these contente be spread throughout the whole world.

N.B The following page contains the above prayers in the hope that you will open your heart to Our Heavenly Father.