We all know that everyday we face many problems. In order to resolve these we often seek help from people of power or even people who preach events. And yet without realising it we don't turn to He who created us. He is never far from us if we seek him with a sincere heart, regardless of the faith we profess. But how can we do this? It is only a question of overcoming pride, instilling courage and praying with faith, alone or in a group, possibly in maximum concentration. Prayer takes place by kneeling and with hands joined, reciting the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory to the Father in a moderate voice; all three repeated fervently at least several times, speaking as if there were another person listening to us. (Important ... let's not separate our hands, since the Eternal communicates with the soul and we lose contact). As we begin to pray, we may be disturbed by external forces, such as thoughts, useless things, digressions and more. Through the repetitions of the prayers, the whole is removed, since even if we wanted to think something, it will be impossible to do so. Furthermore, before making contact, we will begin to yawn, possibly with tears in our eyes, entering a state of general relaxation: it is there that we must ask the Eternal Father for help in solving our problem in the form of dialogue. Everything is not strange, quite normal, just follow the advice described above, which are the same for all human beings. We will begin with a greeting addressed to God. And with the phrase, Hello Eternal Father; below, there is an account of the problems or problems that concern us, with a request for help from the Eternal. Our prayer group draws from the church the three main prayers, Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory, (the easiest and most known to the people) and empowers them with a family conversation with God, in which you can talk about everything with the Almighty, ranging from everyday trivialities to serious problems, in a word a real dialogue at 360 degrees . Example of what you need.:, Hello Eternal Father please help me to find a job, help me to overcome my illness ",. Get rid of headaches, all forms of malaise, get rid of depression, download the stress of the day, solving or overcoming problems in love, getting out of the drug tunnel, for the unemployed to find a job, in the family and in society, ending hostilities and promoting peace, in some cases recovering from illness and more. Insisting several times during the day and in the days to come according to the request, this also applies to men like researchers, doctors and scientists, who with the help of prayer can be enlightened by our Creator, making discoveries for the good and the health of humanity. Between an anecdote and the other and at the end of the conversation, it is necessary to repeat the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory to the Father once. For this reason, by praying together, the presence of God is simultaneous in all hearts and this facilitates His intervention. We will not be heard for requests for games matched to winnings. But how can we return the love of our Heavenly Father? By overcoming the selfishness and greed rooted in us, being ready to help the needy and giving at least a part of what is earned to the poor. Of course, actually doing this is a bit difficult, but don't worry, the sacrifice will come spontaneously thanks to the prayers made. We will feel the need to give inside. You might ask yourself: How do we find the real poor? Religions often do not convince us in their management; so how can we do? Just pray in the same way as before and when in contact say: "Hello Eternal Father please help me find people who are really in need, so that I can make my contribution"; rest assured that you will find them, Heavenly Father will give you one more proof, that he has listened to you. Your soul will then decide, because what matters is the action. He is more than a friend to us and does not deserve abandonment, on the contrary tell him the facts, the troubles, the sadness, the melancholy, the injustices, the most difficult and strange problems of the day; our Creator will give you his energy by penetrating into the depths of your soul, illuminating it. After getting help, you won't be so ungrateful as to forget prayer; never underestimate it: when it is addressed in a group its strength is such that it can modify even the most fearful world events that loom over the human race. Whatever happens, our Heavenly Father will guide you and give you peace by making it lodge in your hearts. I guarantee you the absolute benefit of prayer and I assure you that dialogue with the Eternal frees the soul from impurities and brings peace and well-being.


P.S .: The writer's last wishes were to spread its content throughout the world.

N.B. The above prayers are listed on the next page, with the hope that you can open your heart to our Heavenly Father.